Introduction to Treasure Boxes

Filmed, edited & published by Darryl Poole, 2020.

Meet Treasure Boxes CEO & Founder, Rikki Cooke.

“Rikki through her early working career identified a real need to support young kids that were going through extremely tough times, but there wasn’t that extra help available that they needed… so she went about making things better.

Fast forward and Rikki’s brainchild Treasure Boxes was born.
Rikki and the entire Treasure Boxes family are on a mission to reduce the number of children living in poverty in South Australia and there’s no doubt that they will accomplish their goal, they are literally changing the lives of so many everyday.

This is a collaborative project between it’s Port Adelaide and PAE People telling stories of our unsung heroes and characters that make our City of Port Adelaide Enfield the best place in the world.”

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