Treasure Boxes on ABC Radio Adelaide for Anti-Poverty Week 2021

Treasure Boxes recently spoke to Sonya Feldhoff, ABC Radio Adelaide, for Anti-Poverty Week 2021.

There are many situations that lead to poverty, one of those being domestic or family violence and child protection issues – situations that Rikki Cooke, Treasure Boxes Founder & CEO, sees all too often.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in domestic and family violence incidents, with many children being removed from their families and put into emergency care.

“All of a sudden, you’ve got already pretty stressful situations with some families that are already in high stress. But then we lock them in together, that’s going to cause more stress.” said Rikki.

“Removal (of a child) is not necessarily a solution across the board, because it can lead to additional trauma on top of what’s already happened.”

Treasure Boxes’ foundation packs were initially created for children in emergency care, evolving to support babies, kids, teens and their families from all areas of disadvantage.

Rikki says, “We try and look at things through the eyes of the children”.

Listen to Rikki’s interview with Sonya Feldhoff:

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