Temporary closure FAQs

When will you be open again?

As soon as possible! Keep a lookout for updates wherever you follow us.

I need help from Treasure Boxes. What should I do?

Contact someone else who helps you get through (this could be a social worker, doctor, childcare worker or teacher) and they can contact us on your behalf. If you’re not sure who to contact, send us an email and we can direct you from there.

I am a social worker, can I still get help for the families I am supporting?

We are still working behind-the-scenes and will continue to do so unless told otherwise by the Government.

We invite your organisation to utilise our service to support your clients in need. Send us an email and we’ll provide a referral form for you to complete on behalf of your client/s.

Are you still accepting donations?

We cannot accept any donations from the public at this point in time. We hope to open up to donations soon, once we have set up a suitable quarantine process to keep our volunteers, clients, and donors, safe.

If you have already cleaned out your cupboards and packed up your car boot – we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please hold onto donations if you can, we’ll need these more than ever when we open back up.

If you are responding to a request for an urgent item, please contact us directly.

How can I support you while you’re closed?

We’re still working hard behind-the-scenes. What we need at this moment in time is financial support to keep everything running in the background, ensuring we can continue to help vulnerable families.

Sign up to make a regular (or once-off) donation.

What are financial donations used for?

Donations help us cover the (minimal) costs of running Treasure Boxes – this includes purchasing new stock when we run out, and paying our rent and bills to keep the lights on.

Can I still join the volunteer team?

Yes! We’ve unfortunately lost about 75% of our regular volunteers due to age and health restrictions, or homeschooling. New volunteers are more important than ever and we’re keen to hear from you if you meet the current critera. We’ve worked hard to ensure a safe and healthy working environment in our warehouse.

Register to volunteer.

I’m a home sorter volunteer, can I still sort from home?

If you have already collected your equipment from our warehouse – yes please! We’ll be in touch with you when we’re ready to open back up. If you’re having issues with storage space, please email us and we’ll work with you on a solution.

Do you have procedures in place to protect volunteers from COVID-19?

Yes. We are adhering to Government advice and following strict guidelines as to who is permitted in the warehouse, and the hygiene practices that must be adhered to. Click here for a full list of precautions we are taking.

I have a different question!

Please contact us directly.

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