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Our mission at Treasure Boxes is to ease the anxiety, stress and trauma placed on young children and their families affected by hardship. The lead up to Christmas is an incredibly stressful time for families already struggling to make ends meet.

Treasure Boxes has sadly seen a huge rise in the amount of young families and single mums (who have fled from domestic violence) here in Adelaide who are in crisis mode after the sudden rise in cost of living. And in most cases, babies and children are forced to go without essential products like nappies and don’t have access to basic things they need to keep them safe, warm and clean. 

Taking Action

From now until Christmas, we will be opening our doors direct to the general public to ensure struggling SA families can immediately access basic essentials – and Christmas gifts for children – in time for Christmas Day. Through this new service, we hope to provide enormous relief for hundreds of children and families in the lead up to the holiday season.

The Christmas Family Support Program will provide help for families who need a helping hand and offer items to families with a current Health care card for a fraction of the retail cost, saving families hundreds of dollars over the holiday period and most importantly – reducing the risk of falling deeper into financial hardship.

christmas joy

The new initiative will provide families with toy packs filled with toys, books, puzzles for families for only $15 each to ensure every child can have something special this Christmas.


You can support families here by making a donation to purchase items on their behalf.


The program will run from now until Christmas Eve.

CaseworkersClick here for more information about the program. 

Families: Click here to place a support request.

Questions: Contact Treasure Boxes on or 08 8369 1339.

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