We are volunteer powered

Volunteers have been the driving force of our organisation since it began in 2015 and continue to be the foundation on which our organisation grows.

Our Treasure Boxes volunteer family are amazing people who are willing to help out whenever they can spare some time.


We've got an action-packed year ahead of us.

Can you help? Register as an event volunteer and we'll keep you updated!

Volunteer roles

We need help with all tasks big and small.

Every item that is donated needs to be checked and then beautifully packed to be presented like a gift.

We need volunteers to sort, check and pack donated items. Clothing and shoes are packed by size and gender, linen is made into complete packs, bottles are cleaned and packed, toiletries are packed for mums and babies, toys and books are packaged by age and the list goes on!

Time commitment: Flexible
Most people commit to 2 – 4 hours per shift.

You are the first point of contact for all donors, visitors and support agents.

Our welcome volunteers greet donors and support agents when they come to the warehouse to donate or collect their items. Volunteers help load and unload cars, sort donations into their assigned warehouse areas and assist the Team Leader during referral collection times.

These volunteers have a good understanding of what we can rehome (and why!) and be there as a shoulder to cry on – sometimes giving away baby items can be emotional!

This role generally suits an experienced volunteer who has worked in another area of the warehouse first.

Time commitment: Flexible
Most people commit to 2 – 4 hours per shift.

Gift packing clothes, linen and other items in your own home

Sorted donations and packing supplies are always waiting for volunteers to take home and make into gifts. Some training at the warehouse is required before your first pack is collected. Return packed items anytime within 2 weeks from when you collect them.

Time commitment: Flexible
Donations and supplies are collected from the warehouse and completed packs can be returned when ready.

Safety checks, cleaning and repairs at the warehouse

Prams, cots, car restraints and highchairs must meet mandatory safety standards before we can re-home them as safety is of primary importance to us. They must also be very clean! We need handy volunteers to help with this task.

Then items are checked using our dedicated safety forms, before being numbered and distributed to our recipients.

Time commitment: Flexible
You may come in when you have some free time, or take items home to fix if they’re tricky.

Accepting donations from the public at your home or business and bringing them to the warehouse.

Our Drop-Off Location volunteers provide our donors with an alternative, more convenient location to donate their items. Time permitting, these volunteers may choose to sort and clean these items at home before bringing them to the warehouse,

A Drop-Off Location Volunteer needs to participate in an initial induction and training session in the warehouse before commencing their role.

Time commitment: Flexible
Drop in when you have a car boot full!

Completing admin tasks, either in the warehouse or your home.

There are many administration tasks that can be undertaken in your own home or in the warehouse. Some of these will be a once-off task such as proof-reading documents and others require a more regular commitment and training such as data entry or Salesforce work.

If you are skilled in this area or would like to build your administration skills, please let us know!

Time commitment: Flexible, depending on projects.

We have established a beautiful op shop within the warehouse, comprising excess donations of newborn to size 2 clothing, and various trinkets. All proceeds support Treasure Boxes operations.

Our op-shop volunteers help manage stock and displays, are responsible for money handling and provide a warm welcome to customers who may one day return as donors!

Retail experience is not required – full training is provided.

Time commitment: Flexible – most people commit to 4 hours each shift.


Step 1


Fill out an application form on our website.

Step 1

Step 2

Complete checks

Find a copy of your National Police and Working With Children checks.

If you don’t already have these, complete your application with the guidance of our Volunteer Coordinator.

Step 2

Step 3

Attend an induction

Once your National Police and Working With Children checks have been processed and approved, we will run an induction session in the warehouse – introducing you to your volunteer role and the team you will be volunteering with.

Step 3

That's it!

Welcome to the family

You’re officially a Treasure Boxes volunteer!

That's it!


To create a safe, family-friendly envionment, Treasure Boxes does not permit persons who are classified as a Prohibited Person under the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998 to register as a volunteer.

All volunteers attending the Treasure Boxes warehouse must have a current National Police Certificate and Working With Children Check.

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Treasure Boxes updated volunteer policy

We have updated our volunteer selection criteria and attendance policy in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Please read the below guidelines before registering your interest.

Attendees to Treasure Boxes
As at Friday 10 July 2020

All attendees to the Treasure Boxes warehouse must read before entering the premises.

In keeping with the recommendations of authorities, Treasure Boxes is undertaking the following:

  1. Anyone who has recently travelled overseas or interstate (noting the Federal Government’s mandatory 14-day self-isolation requirement for persons returning) OR has been in contact with the aforementioned is prohibited from entering the Treasure Boxes warehouse.
  2. Regular volunteers can continue to attend, but any who are in a risk category (persons over 70, persons with respiratory ailments, persons with immune deficiency) should stay away from the warehouse until further notice.
  3. Anyone who is feeling unwell and exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (chesty cough, fever/temperature, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath) should leave the warehouse immediate after notifying a senior Manager.
  4. Restricted access to the warehouse. Registered volunteers only. – All attendees must enter through the front door and must sign in – regardless of how long they are at the premises for.
    All attendees must enter through the front door and must sign in – regardless of how long they are at the premises for.
  5. Social distancing practices – keeping a 1.5m distance from others, avoiding handshakes and other physical greetings.
    – Our Edwardstown warehouse is 700m2 meaning we have plenty of space to safely accommodate multiple volunteers at a time.
  6. The warehouse is sanitised and cleaned daily according to SA Health recommendations.
  7. Observe correct hand washing procedures as noting above each washing station.
    – All stations have hand washing procedures and guidelines located above the taps.
    – The warehouse is equipped with sufficient hand washing stations, gloves and sanitiser throughout the warehouse (where possible).
    Please wash hands:
    – Upon entering the warehouse
    – Prior to eating
    – After eating
    – Regularly throughout the day

We care deeply about our Treasure Boxes family and are focused on providing a safe space for those who need access to our service. To the best of our ability, we believe we have created a place that is low-risk to all attendees within our space and have acted upon all expert and government advice. As we are not a face-to-face service, we do not have the same risk factors of other social support agencies.

Entry and attendance to Treasure Boxes is a personal preference, and we operate in a non-judgemental space. Please do what is best for you and your family during this difficult time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on 0402 814 818 or at