every baby deserves a safe start to thrive in childhood & beyond

1 in 4 South Australian babies and children live with disadvantage. Every baby deserves access to good quality nursery equipment to allow them to keep safe during tough times.

Every day, newborn babies are born into severe disadvantage without the essential childhood items they need.  With the support of our amazing community, Treasure Boxes continues to provide vital essentials to South Australian newborns, babies and children living in disadvantage.

Through gifting essential children’s goods to families at risk of poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence, we alleviate severe hardship, financial burden, reduce the risk of poverty and homelessness, ease trauma and provide hope to those most vulnerable.

Since 2020, we have seen a sharp rise in crisis referrals across the disadvantage landscape; 329% increase in family financial hardship, 329% rise in single parent cases, and 139% rise in family violence cases. These numbers represent the conditions and living situations for thousands of vulnerable babies and children who depend on Treasure Boxes for help.  They don’t have items like a cot to sleep safe, warm blankets and clothing, or toys and books to learn.

 Your generous donation supports vulnerable babies living with disadvantage by providing vital essentials to support a safe start to life. 

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Donations of $2 and above are tax-deductible.

We help people like Lucy and Tom* a young couple that recently had a baby and every week, manage to scrape together enough money to pay their rent, electricity and food. They can’t afford a safe cot, car seat, pram, and warm bedding for their new baby. We have provided all the nursery items they need to help them care for their baby and to ensure a safe start to life. Now Lucy and Tom can focus on raising a newborn.

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