Boots for Borroloola

Earlier this year Treasure Boxes was contacted by a member of the Borroloola community – a remote town 10 hours east of Darwin, NT.

They were the Coach of 40 soccer-mad kids from the local club who trained daily. Because their families couldn’t afford soccer boots, the kids played on the grass barefoot.

The club did have a small cupboard of shared boots, but most times they didn’t have the right size . “When the kids do find a pair that fits, they instantly start running around in pure excitement!” said their Coach.

We set out to provide these kids with a pair of soccer boots they could call their own, so they can not only play with the comfort of fitting shoes, but also feel a sense of pride and self-worth.

Few activities have a deeper impact on young kids than sports. It improves their physical health, concentration and confidence, teaches life skills and reduces stress.

After reaching out to the community, we were able to provide much more to these amazing kids than just a pair of boots!

pairs of soccer boots
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other items like socks, jackets and sports equipment

Your donations supported not only the original soccer group – they reached many other kids and teens in the Borroloola community to enable them to participate in group sports.

“As soon as we let them open up the boxes, they played a game for over an hour in the sweltering heat and just loved their new gear. They kept asking if it was really for them to keep!” said the Coach.

Treasure Boxes exists to make sure kids don’t miss out on the joys of childhood regardless of their situation. We’re overjoyed to hear that thanks to our wonderful community – we’ve been able to ensure the kids of Borroloola all get the opportunity to enjoy participating in team sport.

Treasure Boxes Boots for Boxes program is proudly supported by Adelaide Crows Foundation.

Note: Photos not available publicly due to cultural sensitivity.

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