When poverty, homelessness and domestic violence create an uncertain, sometimes dangerous home environment, many South Australian families struggle to provide their kids with the essentials of life; bedding, clothes, toys, even regular meals.

From this troubling reality, Treasure Boxes came to be – a team of caring, like-minded people, dedicated to preventing hardship and trauma by providing kids in need with critical items many of us take for granted. From our bustling warehouse headquarters, Treasure Boxes arranges the donation, collection and delivery of those childhood essentials, including cots, prams, highchairs and clothes. Driven by this profound purpose, our friendly, professional organisation seeks to empower others, creating positive change within the community – at the same time ensuring valuable, high quality resources don’t go to waste.

Agile and innovative, we’re unburdened by formalities and conventions. And like our team of volunteers and the children we advocate passionately for, our kind donors feel valued and included as together, we ‘give back’ in practical, life-changing ways, helping those with, help those without.


Treasure Boxes accepts donations of good quality clothing and toys before doing safety checks & quality controls, then redistributing them to children who are placed in emergency care facilities, or those children who may be living and experiencing extreme disadvantage.

We offer care packages to:

  • Children in emergency care facilities
  • Children in foster care
  • Domestic Violence survivors who have been displaced
  • Families in accidental crisis situations such as bushfires or family emergencies
  • Children with minimal belongings who have been suddenly been rehoused with other relatives (e.g. grandparents) due to their parents’ inability to care for them
  • Children and families living with disadvantage

As an NFP, we rely 100% on our volunteers to perform the daily operations of our organisation. They assist in sorting, cleaning and packing donations, as well as all the admin-based support behind the scenes.



To reduce the impact of Domestic Violence, homelessness, grief and trauma on children experiencing disadvantage.


Treasure Boxes aims to ease the anxiety, stress and trauma placed on young children and their families affected by hardship.


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Rikki Cooke

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Peta Brettig

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Stuart Rees

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